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Please note the below list is incomplete and more panelists are being added.


Kelly Andringa Kelly Andringa
Ph.D. Free Radical and Radiation Biology, University of Iowa
Expertise: Nephrology
Employer: University of Alabama at Birmingham



Michael Ayers Michael Ayers
Ph.D. Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Iowa
Expertise: High School English Teaching
Employer: Iowa City Schools



Erin Barnes Erin Barnes
Ph.D. Rehabilitation Counselor Education
Expertise: Teaching and Learning
Employer: University of Iowa



Ben Berkowitz Ben Berkowitz
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Expertise: Product Design
Employer: Voxello



Melissa A. Carroll Melissa A. Carroll
Ph.D. Anatomy, The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
Expertise: Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Embryology
Employer: DeSales University


Matthew Drabek Matthew Drabek
Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Iowa
Expertise: Content Development
Employer: ACT



Jaimee Eckers Jaimee Eckers
Ph.D. Free Radical and Radiation Biology, University of Iowa
Expertise: Radiation Therapy
Employer: University of Wisconsin-Madison


Craig Eley Craig Eley
Ph.D. American Studies, University of Iowa
Expertise: Communications
Employer: University of Wisconsin-Madison



Johnathan Gajdos Johnathan Gajdos
Ph.D. Foreign languages
Expertise: Government Administration, Foreign language teaching and learning
Employer: Defense Language Institute Washington Office (Department of Defense)



Diana GallegosDiana Gallegos
Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Iowa
Expertise: Yoga for Trauma and Disabilities
Employer: Private Practice



Matthew GilchristMatthew Gilchrist
M.F.A. Iowa Writers Workshop, University of Iowa
Expertise: Rhetoric & Digital Engagement and Learning
Employer: University of Iowa



Lauren HaldemanLauren Haldeman
M.F.A., Iowa Writers’ Workshop
Expertise: Web design, Web development, Editing, Writing
Employer: The University of Iowa



Thomas HornbeckThomas Hornbeck
Ph.D. ABD Computer Science
Expertise: Technology
Employer: CEO of Launch Deck



Stephanie HortonStephanie Horton
Ph.D. Ph.D. in Medieval Literature, University of Iowa
Expertise: Medieval Literature, Writing, Editing & Multiple Modes of Instruction
Employer: Harper College



John JanczyJohn Janczy
Ph.D. Immunology, University of Iowa
Expertise: Immunology and Inflammation
Employer: Nanoly Bioscience



Danielle JannuschDanielle Jannusch
Ph.D. Geology, Paleontology, University of Iowa
Expertise: High School Teaching
Employer: Cedar Rapids School District



Tom KeeganTom Keegan
Ph.D. English Literature, University of Iowa
Expertise: Leadership; Digital Publishing
Employer: University of Iowa



Lisa KellyLisa Kelly
M.F.A. Theatre Pedagogy, Virginia Commonwealth University
Expertise: University Teacher Training
Employer: University of Iowa



Megan KnightMegan Knight
M.F.A. Nonfiction Writing Program
Expertise: Pedagogy, creative writing
Employer: University of Iowa



Louis Licht Louis Lict
Ph.D. Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa
Expertise: Entrepreneurship
Employer: Ecolotree



Lorna London Lorna London
Ph.D. Clinical-Community Psychology, University of South Carolina
Expertise: Ethnic identity & prejudice prevention, Integrated healthcare & wellness
Employer: Roosevelt University



Christine Loza Louis Lict
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Caltech
Expertise: Environmental Testing
Employer: 3M



Elizabeth Lundberg Elizabeth Lundberg
Ph.D. English, University of Iowa
Expertise: Student Advising
Employer: University of Iowa



Tara Maga Tara Maga
Ph.D. Genetics, University of Iowa
Expertise: Genetic Counseling
Employer: University of Illinois Hereditary Cancer Clinic



John W. McKerley Tara Maga
Ph.D. History, University of Iowa
Expertise: Oral and Public History, Audio Recording, Scholarly Editing
Employer: University of Iowa Labor Center



Matt McNeil Matt McNeil
Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Iowa
Expertise: Bioinformatics
Employer: Integrated DNA Technologies



Lynne Nugent Lynne Nugent
MFA in Nonfiction Writing & PhD in English
Expertise: Editing
Employer: The Iowa Review, University of Iowa



Krystal Parker Krystal Parker
Ph.D. Neuroscience
Expertise: Neuroscience
Employer: University of Iowa



Kevin Pinkston Kevin Pinkston
Ph.D. Sociology
Expertise: Analytics
Employer: University of Illinois



Catherine RadzewichCatherine Radzewich
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Washington
Expertise: Healthcare
Employer: UI Health Care



Michael RechenthinMichael Rechenthin
Ph.D. Management Sciences, University of Iowa
Expertise: Data Science & Trading
Employer: tastytrade



Trina RobertsCatherine Radzewich
Ph.D. Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago
Expertise: Museum administration; natural history collections
Employer: University of Iowa



Kristina Rogers-SzumaKristina Rogers-Szuma
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Iowa
Expertise: Organic Chemistry
Employer: BASF Plant Science, L.C.



Caitlin Runne-JanczyCaitlin Runne-Janczy
Ph.D. Pharmacology
Expertise: Content Expert
Employer: eScience Labs



Eliza Sanders Eliza Sanders
Ph.D. English, University of Iowa
Expertise: Writing
Employer: The Field Museum



Dorothy Zolandz Dorothy Zolandz
Ph.D. Chemistry, Harvard University
Expertise: Science Policy, Strategic Program Development and Management
Employer: National Academy of Sciences