Become a Panelist

Become a Panelist

Open Doors could not be a success without the expertise of its panelists. Every year the Graduate College look for new people to come and share their experiences and provide a crucial, real-life context to the discussion.

Would you make a good panelist? Do you know someone who would?

Take a moment and complete, or share, this short form and indicate you are willing to participate in this year’s conference.

The time commitment would be one 40 minute session on Saturday, April 22rd between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm. Funding is available to offset the cost of travel where needed.

Please let us know if you’d be available and interested in lending your expertise as a panelist. Your input during the session would provide a crucial, real-life context to the discussion. Students want to know what it’s really like for PhDs looking for positions, and you could provide clear guidance for their search and preparation.